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Berkline is one of the US market’s most recognized names and sadly announced in March that they intended to close their doors and liquidate the company assets.  With many loyal customers and excellent brand awareness, this leaves an opportunity in the market for some of the surviving brands.  There are many other excellent reclining loveseat and sofa manufactures that offer different price points and a broad selection of products in the industry.  Here are just a few:

Catnapper:  Known for producing quick ship reclining sofa sets a very competitive price points, Catnapper has grown in strength through the downturn in the economy, a positive sign.  With several different groups to choose from, they also offer stationary furniture products through their holding corporation – Jackson Furniture.  Catnapper is especially strong in the single recliner category and offers some of the very best motorized lift chairs in the market today like the Goliath and the Soother.

Lane Furniture:  The largest manufacturer of reclining furniture in the world!  The breadth of reclining loveseat and sofa products is extensive and all products are made here in the USA in Mississippi on a program designed to deliver the furniture within 3 weeks of the order date.  The sofas and loveseats can be covered in leathers and fabrics of many colors and features like power vs manual recline can be customized to the order too.  Lane continues to be a prominent name in consumers minds and their focus towards the entertainment room have made them a popular choice for sports enthusiasts and football fans!

Franklin Furniture: Is another prominent US based reclining furniture brand that offers exceptional value for product – with a smaller line than the two mentioned above.  Select from leather and microfiber options and have them delivered in 2-3 weeks from the order date.

Berkline has a new leader

A new leader has risen in the ranks of Berkline sofas and for the first time, the famous 13200 model had to take second place to the newer Berkline 40099 model.  The 40099 has a biscuit back design and a chaise style foot rest as well as offering many features across individual pieces within the group.  For instance, this group contains a loveseat with a center console.  The console contains storage and two cup holders and the center storage is very deep making it the perfect place to store guides, remotes and books.

This model is available in manual or power recline.  The manual recline mechanism is operated using Berkline’s touchmotion technology.  Touchmotion is when you push a button on the outside arm of the seat and the sofa reclines to a preset manual position.  Power recline works with a button that also resides on the outside arm that allows one to recline at the push of a button to any angle in the range of motion.  This model is available in a large selectioon of colors and materials – both microfiber and fabric – but not leather.

Berkline 491 Reclining Sofa Group

The Berkline 491 sofa is often confused with its very similar looking 496 model counterpart.  Both have almost the exact same design style but there is one very small subtle difference.  The chaise style foot rest on the 491 model does not extend out horizontally past the arm rest like the 496 model.  Basically the width of the 496 model foot rest is much wider.  It extends out to the outside arm rest and width of the sofa group.  Other than this very small difference, the seats are identical.  The 496 has gained more market traction and seems to be slightly more popular than the 491 model.

Other great features for these models are the heavily padded arm rests and the optional power recline feature.  The 491 model also includes the wallaway seat back design that will allow the seat to fully recline within inches of the wall.  The group includes a reclining 2 seat sofa, reclining loveseat, single recliner, rocker, reclining chaise and sofa with a sleeper.  This group is made by Berkline in their Morristown TN facility and ships directly to customers in 4-6 weeks.

Berkline Makes the Headliner

The Headliner theater seat has been getting a lot of attention in the home theater world lately.  It brings a simple clean design to the table, with heavily padded arm rests and a chaise style foot rest.  Chaise style means the Headliner home theater seatfoot rest does not have a gap between the seat and the foot rest when it reclines.  This is a very in-demand feature today in all recliners and particularly in home theater.

This theater seat is available in a large selection of premium leathers and colors but the best deal on the seat is on the black and brown leather version of the seat.  These are the most popular colors ordered in home theater and therefore offer the best economies to the manufacturer when sourcing leather inventory.  Rows can be configured as either straight or curved and the seat back is very generous – at 44 inches tall.  This makes this theater seat suitable for people of all sizes – especially taller people over 6ft.

Another popular feature is the power recline option.  Power will recline the seat back to any angle that feels comfortable in the range of motion of the seat.  Manual reclines to three pre-set angles.

Berkline 40074 is Unique

The Berkline 40074 reclining sofa is unique in the world of motion furniture for one important reason: All three seats in this sofa recline which is unusual because in most three seat sofas, only one of the seats

40074 Reclining Sofa

recline.  This model will accommodate everyone that is sitting on the sofa by allowing a full recline.  Other added features that make this seat unique are the padded arm rests, heavy back padding and a console storage unit in the reclining loveseat option of this model.  The storage is deep and will offer the perfect location to store a tv guide or remote.  The console loveseat recliner also has two cup holders in front of the hidden storage that will hold one’s drinks.

This collection offers the following pieces: reclining 3 seat sofa, reclining loveseat, reclining loveseat with duet console, regular recliner, rocker recliner and a glider swivel recliner.  The seat backs on all the reclining furniture includes the patented Wallaway design and one can recline the seats by simply pushing the button on the outside arm.  The push button is offered in lieu of the old-style levers that used to be used on this type of motion furniture.

Like the majority of Berkline product, this model can be customized in many different materials and colors.

A Trend in Sofas is Emerging

A new trend in sofas appears to be forming and wis worth mentioning.  The increased popularity of a three seat reclining sofa.  That means a sofa that has three reclining seats and not just the two end seats.

There are a few brands that have produced models that meet this demand.  The leader by far is the Berkline 40074 model which was introduced about 18 months ago and offers a clean transitional style that has padded arm rests and popular options like a duet console loveseat with storage and cup holders.

The other characteristic about the 40074 model is the fact that it does not look like a motion furniture piece.  This means the sofa works very well in home environments where motion furniture is not desired by all homeowners.

Berkline 496 Sofa in Great Fabrics

Berkline is the leader in motion furniture manufacturing here in the US.  One of the top sofas offered by this leading brand is the Berkline 496 model.  This particular model is rarely seen in black until I came across it recently at an industry show that surprised me.

Black Berkline 496 Sofa

The sofa is shown in a black microfiber that looks like a leather.   Black sofas are hard to find outside of black leather and here it is.  This sofa is shown with correlatecushions that work very well with this style and color.  The 496 sofa from Berkline also comes with this chaise option and all the arm rests are generously padded for hours of comfort.  The chaise style foot rest is also standard on this model and notice how the foot rest extendshorizontally to align with the outer portion of the arm rest.  This gives this seat a very wide foot rest that makes it extremely comfortable in the recline position.

The plush padding on the 496 model gives it a soft deep seated comfort.  As with all Berkline domestic product, and this is a domestic sofa, this model can be custom ordered in a large number of different fabrics.  Leather is not available in for this model but this fabric makes an excellent alternative without the hassles and maintenance of leather.  The 496 sofa is covered by Berkline’s comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty which offers limited lifetime coverage on the frame and reclining mechanisms, 5 years on the padding and 1 year on the material.

It has proved itself in the market and is a worthy challenger to the almighty Berkline 13200 sofa if one is looking for some customization options.

Berkline’s Top-selling Sofas for 2010

Add a splash of sophistication and style to your décor with Berkline’s range of sofas and sectionals. Available in a wide array of materials and patterns, Berkline sofas are sure to offer the much-needed comfort, while bringing in a luxurious feel to your living space. Among the numerous sofas offered by the company, the Berkline 13200, the Berkline 270, and the Berkline 496 have been the best-selling ones so far in 2010.Berkline Bonded Leather 13200 Sofa

All the top-selling sofas from Berkline feature the Wallaway option that enables full recline within inches of the wall. The TouchMotion technology offers effortless one-touch reclining capability, and the Power Recline Option lets you adjust the recliner at any desired position. You can enjoy a scintillating spin with the Swivel-Glider and a sound sleep on the plush padded pillow top arms of these sofas.

The Berkline 13200 3-seat Sofa beautifully blends a contemporary design and innovative features to provide you ultimate comfort. The rich dark brown bonded leather finish of this sofa enhances the appeal of any room, while also proving remarkably durable. The double layer foam padding of the 13200 ensures ample back support.

With an unlimited choice of fabrics, colors, and patterns, the versatile Berkline 270 reclining 3-seat Sofa is a sure eye-catcher! In addition to its gorgeous looks, unique features like the ComfortRest and Easy Off Back increase the comfort factor of this sofa up by many notches above the rest.

The Berkline 496 2-seat Sofa features the innovative CMAX seat construction to offer maximum comfort. The chaise lounge design of this fashionable furniture piece lets you relax in style, offering head-to-toe support. With cover options including fabric, microsuede, vinyl, and bonded leather, the Berkline 496 is a perfect combination of efficient lumbar support and effervescent beauty.

Bring home a Berkline sofa today and bask in the lap of luxury for life!

Berkline 13067 Quick Ship Blockbuster

Berkline Furniture Company is widely recognized for its quality and dominance in home theater furniture.  The existence of many great seating options outside of that arena in sofas and sectionals is often overlooked.  Now

13067 Sofa

Berkline 13067 Sofa

there are a number of Berkline sofas that are not made to order but actually inventoried in two Berkline warehouses to make them easily accessible by their dealer base for quicker deliveries to customers.  In the sofa category this includes six models that each have their own unique features.  The Berkline 13067 is on such model that is at the top of my recommendation amongst these in stock offerings.

Here are some of the characteristics which make this model hard to beat when compared to comparable lines from Lane Furniture and Ashley Furniture Company:

  • Chaise style foot rest: This ensures continuous leg support and gives the seat a more transitional look and style.
  • Lower seat back split panel that is divided into two parts and supports either side of the spine for long lasting comfort.
  • Upper seat back triple split panel:  The upper half of the seat back includes a triple split that supports the upper shoulders and neck.
  • Padded arm rests that allow one to enjoy entertainment for hours at a time in absolute bliss.
  • Optional power recline.
  • A neutral Camel color microfiber finish that is resistant to stains and scuffs.
  • Wallaway design which allows the seat to recline within 4-6 inches of the wall by having the seat move forward when one reclines to allow for a full depth reclined position.

The other model that I would strongly recommend from this group is the 13200 which is a very dark brown bonded leather.  The frame is almost identical but the seat back is split into two horizontal panels.

The Berkline 40093 – Form and Function in a Reclining Sofa

Berkline prides itself in its versatile furniture pieces; when you search for Berkline products, you will find not only a variety of styles, but a variety of features as well. Functionality is essential when choosing comfortable furniture, and Berkline has it all. The Berkline model 40093 offers a wide array of styles and functions to fit into all living areas.

Berkline 40093

Berkline 40093 Reclining Sofa

Reclining sofas are a great way to let the whole family relax equally. Unlike old-fashioned recliners with hard-to-reach levers, Berkline’s recliners feature a leaver activated recline that controls the recline function.  Plush pillow top style arm cushions provide extra comfort and this model is only available in fabric or microfiber solutions.  Available pieces include:

  • reclining 3 seat sofa
  • reclining loveseat
  • recliner
  • rocker recliner

A cramped living space can cause more stress than relaxation, which is why the Wallaway feature is such a popular option among Berkline customers. Furniture placement has never been easier than it is with the Wallaway, an additional option you can choose for your reclining sofa. Whether you have a small living space to accommodate, or if you simply prefer that your sofa sits as close to a wall as possible, the Wallaway has decorating freedom in mind. This feature lets you place the sofa just inches from the wall while still allowing full recline.

For space-saving innovations and stylish choices, check out the Berkline model 40093.